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Apple has made no secret that the screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is easily scratched

A few days ago it became known that Apple starts to take the credit when buying a new smartphone even damaged iPhone. To get a substantial sum, of course, will not work, but it’s better than to throw the device. It also became known that the Corporation began to engage in the installation of protective coverings for the screens of smartphones: with this week’s service of installation of the protective coating became available in the U.S. and other countries.

While users discuss the principle of operation of the device Belkin for sticking films, some potential iPhone buyers there were other thoughts. Covering the glass screen of the smartphone repeatedly advertised as having enhanced protection. The launch of the sticker films in their Apple stores confirms — glass iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is easily scratched. Otherwise, what is the purpose of blanking the display an additional piece of “cellophane”?

It is known that contrary to expectations and to the predictions of industry experts, the screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is not protected with a glass made of artificial sapphire, and ion-tempered glass. This is due to the manufacturing partners of Apple, which has not coped with the task of processing the sapphire. Sapphire protection, by the way, I also received one of the varieties of “smart” Watch – Apple Watch Sport. Sport lineup in the protection of the screen relies on reinforced glass Ion-X.

Some iPhone owners have reported really weak sustainability screens of smartphones to physical damage. According to numerous complaints on the Apple support site, on the displays of newly purchased smartphones easily gets scratched. At this point in the discussion of the problem with the displays of the iPhone 6 was attended by about a thousand people. A forum thread devoted to the easily scratched screens, has over 450,000 views and more than 1,400 responses. The problem discussed from the very first day after the start of sales of new products.

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Topic author stated that with careful use iPhone 6 Plus on his smartphone screen is already scratched. “I spoke very carefully with his iPhone 6 Plus, but at the corners already visible scratching,” said he.

Apple has not commented on users ‘ complaints of scratched screens. But published video stickers protective film use the device Belkin.

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