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Apple was outraged by the decision of the Russian court recognized the Apple Watch conventional wristwatch

Apple appealed the court’s decision in the case with the Sheremetyevo customs because of “clever” hours of Apple. Earlier, the court sided with customs officials, who likened the Apple Watch to the regular wrist watch.

At the end of the 2015 FCS has changed the classification of the Apple Watch — they were attributed not to the devices for transmission of data, the import of which the import duty is exempt, and by an ordinary wristwatch, the importation of which is necessary to pay additional customs charges.

Apple filed a complaint against the decision of the Arbitration court of the Moscow region, which ruled in favor of the Sheremetyevo customs, klassifitseerimise Apple Watch as a watch. It follows from the data of filing of arbitration cases. When will consider the complaint from Apple in the materials was not specified.

Apple has filed lawsuits in the Moscow arbitration court and arbitration court of the Moscow region on 18 February 2016. The company disputes the decision of the Central customs administration of the FCS of Russia and Sheremetyevo customs pre-classification at the end of 2015 the Apple Watch as a watch.

A company representative said in court that the device must be classified in accordance with the basic components, not by function. So, the device transmits information from your iPhone to your wrist using a particular module of the wireless data exchange. Therefore this module is the main component and it is necessary to classify the goods. The clock mechanism in the device no.

Now Apple Watch is categorized as watches, for the import of which, the rate goes to 10%, and not as a device for transmitting data, the import of which is duty exempt.

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