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Media: camera the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus will not protrude from the body

The new smartphone Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus lose the protruding camera on the rear panel. It is reported resource Androidpure citing informed sources close to the South Korean manufacturer.

If you believe another leak, the new flagship of Samsung will not be the protruding camera, which many annoying iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Designers and engineers of Apple who have managed to put a number of parts in such a small camera module, deserve great respect. However, up to this point to make a thinner module with the same quality of shooting was not possible, the only possible solution to the issue of the protruding camera could only be a thicker phone.

The source claims that the Galaxy S8 will be applied camera the new generation, which is somewhat thinner than current models, and therefore will not protrude from the body. If the camera of the Galaxy S6 protruded from the housing to 1.7 mm, the Galaxy S7 she began to speak, half – 0.8 mm. In the publication indicate that in the case of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus the camera will be level with the body. That is, the modules will be integrated directly in the case of smartphones.

On the resolution of the cameras of the South Korean flagship is not reported. Informed sources reported that Samsung will follow Apple and make your smartphone dual camera. It is known that in Seoul refused to equip the dual module of a younger model so it will only get Galaxy S8 Plus. This is done for two reasons: to model more different from each other and suitable for a wider range of users. And in order to reduce the cost of production of communicators.

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The official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected in March of this year, and the release of new items on sale is scheduled for April.

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