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How to speed up iPhone and iPad with the help of a hidden function Battery Doctor

Whatever may be said in the Apple, but eventually the iPhone and the iPad begin to work slower. The operating system is loading slowly, programs open longer, etc. There are many factors which iOS can start to slow down. Of course, you can reinstall the iOS, but it is better to do less radical ways.

Many games and applications in iOS, even after you have them removed, leave behind temporary files. And here comes the moment a “General cleaning” when you need to clean your iPhone and iPad from “junk”, freeing up space for more useful information. This can help in program Battery Doctor, which hides inside the appropriate functionality.

Utility Battery Doctor is not new, it was released in the App Store for a long time. However, recently it was updated and received an informal functionality, it is forbidden for apps in the Apple store. With Battery Doctor, you can remove cache files, cookies, browser history, temporary files. In addition, the app allows you to clear the data in memory.

How to activate the hidden feature of Battery Doctor

By default, the home screen of Battery Doctor shows standard statistics option time of Autonomous work. But if you perform a sequence of actions, possibilities of application will become much wider. So, we need to run the program and do 4-5 clicks on an empty area on the home screen of the app. The top row displays loading data from the Network. Wait until it disappears, then open the multitasking bar and close the Battery Doctor. Now run the program again. You will see the new software options.

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Battery Doctor to use “hack” (left) and after (right)

If a new feature appeared on the first try, repeat the procedure: double click on a blank area, wait for the download data and close Battery Doctor from the panel of multitasking.

Now Battery Doctor you will get access to advanced options for fine cleaning of memory iOS (permanent operative). The app allows you to free up storage iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from unnecessary data temporary files, cache, nedokachennyh packages, cookies, scripts and other “garbage”. The program is simple and intuitive to operate and removes unused and temporary files, providing a faster iPhone and freeing up space on its internal flash memory.

Similar functionality added Battery Doctor to bypass the rules of the App Store, so the application soon will probably disappear from the store. They should hurry up with the download.

Download Battery Doctor for iOS for free via this link.

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