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The source code of the operating system of the Apple Lisa to be published in 2018

The original source code of the operating system installed on the computer, the Apple Lisa, will be published in 2018. Currently, the operating system code and applications Lisa was recovered...


Why red iPhone 7 – the best investment in smartphones

Paul Gorodnitsky explains why iPhone of the previous generation in some years will be more in demand than the glass iPhone 8 and iPhone mythical X. 7 years ago I...


Why Samsung, Xiaomi and Google no threat to Apple in the next year

Ambitious company is terribly behind the Corporation Tim cook. Prospects in sight – and that’s bad. Ten days later, Samsung will introduce a phablet Galaxy Note 8. It will be...


Opinion: Scott Forstall right not apologized for the skeuomorph, it is relevant even today

In an interview with Computer History Museum Creator of iOS Scott Forstall told about the causes of skeuomorph in earlier versions of the operating system. Then, as you know, the...


Scott Forstall the first time suggested about skeuomorph and flat design in iOS

In an interview for the computer history Museum a former top Apple Executive Scott Forstall told some stories. And before the interview historian John Markoff asked Scott the question that...


Scott Forstall: iPhone appeared out of hatred of Steve jobs to the Microsoft employee

Main iOS developer Scott Forstall fired from Apple in 2012, for the first time gave an interview in California the computer history Museum. A former top Manager of Apple told...


Banished from Apple’s main iOS developer Scott Forstall first tell you about the creation of the iPhone

A former top Apple Executive Scott Forstall responsible for the development of the operating system iOS, will talk about the history of the first iPhone. Interview with expelled from the...


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is going to come to Ukraine

Steve Wozniak, legendary in the IT community personality, co-founder of Apple and the first business partner of Steve jobs, will visit neighboring Ukraine. About it reports the local edition of...


What are waiting for professionals from the Mac Pro next generation

Not long ago, Apple told about the development of the new modular Mac Pro. In addition to the new professional workstation line of products will complement the new monitor, the...


MacPaw has opened in Kiev Museum of vintage Macs

Company MacPaw software products for Apple devices, has decided to contribute to the historical education of users and opened in the Ukrainian capital, the Museum of vin


Awarding Tim cook prize for the protection of the rights of gays and lesbians show live

Tim cook became the winner of the “Prize of freedom of expression” “the struggle for the protection of human rights”, in particular people based on sexual orientation. Awarding Apple CEO...


The Russian Ministry of culture has launched the analogue of the Pokemon Go to museums

The Ministry of culture of Russia together with the project “Culture of the Russian Federation” introduced a mobile application Artefact based on augmented reality technology. The program is available for...


Russian “perpetual drive” for data storage will be available by 2021

Production Russian information disk made of quartz glass for commercial use will start in 2021. It is reported TASS with reference to the head of the laboratory of laser nanostructuring...


“Not godly”: iPhone 7 to St. Isaac’s Cathedral was estimated at 299 000

French jewelry house Ouvri presented a line of exclusive smartphones Apple called Cathédrales. The series includes model iPhone 7 “Saint Isaac”, the design of which is influenced by the ornamentation...


Cord posted a selfie with a gravestone in the form of iPhone

Sergey Shnurov has surprised followers your account in Instagram, put a picture of a gravestone in the form of iPhone. According to the leader of group “Leningrad”, the photo shows...

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