iPhone 11 Pro has risen in price to 4.5 million rubles

Think Apple makes a luxury iPhone? In a way, yes. However, really chic iPhones are released by Caviar. Incidentally – the Russian brand. Image from Caviar creates luxury versions of popular smartphones. The devices come in a limited edition format. Prices are astronomical. Especially on apple gadgets. However, this time Caviar has surpassed itself. […]

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Banished from Apple’s main iOS developer Scott Forstall first tell you about the creation of the iPhone

A former top Apple Executive Scott Forstall responsible for the development of the operating system iOS, will talk about the history of the first iPhone. Interview with expelled from the company a leading developer held in the computer history Museum in mountain view, California June 20. Forstall first public talk about his work at Apple […]

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The Russian Ministry of culture has launched the analogue of the Pokemon Go to museums

The Ministry of culture of Russia together with the project “Culture of the Russian Federation” introduced a mobile application Artefact based on augmented reality technology. The program is available for iPhone owners with iOS 9.0 and above. Novelty is an interactive guide to exhibitions of Russian museums. The app uses the iPhone’s camera in order […]