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Smart watches Samsung surpassed in popularity all watches on Android Wear

According to Strategy Analytics, the operating system Tizen, which Samsung installs on their devices different, took 19% of the smartwatch market. Android Wear has received a smaller share of 18%. The market leader is Apple with the platform watchOS.

Operating system for smart watch Tizen for the first time ahead of Android Wear, the report suggests analysts. In the first quarter of 2017, it owned 19% of the market, while the share of Android Wear was 18%.

To overtake Android Wear was not easy, since Tizen is set to watch only one manufacturer, Samsung, while Android Wear use dozens of different manufacturers. Most of the market still controls watchOS – which owns 57%. This OS is installed on Apple Watch, the first and second generation. Other versions are in the amount is 6% of the market.

The achievement of the Tizen reflects the desire of Samsung to capture the market of smart watches, say analysts. The company develops its line of watches called Gear. If the first model was quite ordinary, then Gear S2, and the recently announced Gear S3, a feature enhanced design and good performance. It successfully compensates for the main serious drawback of Tizen is the lack of apps.

By the end of 2016, Samsung took second place in the smartwatch market, according to Strategy Analytics. Just over a year in the world were shipped 21.1 million of these devices, which is more than in 2015, when the figure was 20.8 million shares of Apple at the end of 2016 amounted to 55%, the share of Samsung of 11.4%. To reach the second position Samsung managed including through the sale of smart watches included with your smartphones.

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