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Apple has developed a way to transfer files through a handshake

Apple received a patent for a new method of data exchange between mobile devices, dubbed “the Transmission of information between devices by using gestures. Gesture-based information exchange between devices in proximity). The application she filed in 2014.

The patent describes a technology of sharing information, such as contacts, text documents, video or music, run by users of any gesture. Owners of mobile devices, while nearby, can, for example, shake hands, bow, clap hands, or hugging, to establish a communication channel to receive data. Data delivery is performed by the cloud service.

According to Apple, this technology is authorization much easier classical identification devices by entering using the keyboard special keys, and its scope is not limited to sharing files. With it, for example, you can collaborate on documents or play multiplayer games.

A person can specify information on the device that wants to transmit and the second user must give consent to receive data.

The technology looks quite promising, but the timing of implementation in Apple traditionally does not apply.

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