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“Killer” flagships OnePlus 5 cheats not only in benchmarks

Smartphone OnePlus 5, which the media called a “killer flagships”, was one of the most anticipated products of this season. However, after the official show, it became clear that this is one of the most controversial models of the company.

Earlier we wrote that the OnePlus 5 caught in the “wrap” results in synthetic tests. When you run the benchmark, the smartphone automatically, without informing the user raises the clock speed energy efficient processor cores to a maximum of 1.9 GHz and keep it at that level throughout time. As a result, it provides the smartphone an advantage in tests over the competitors with the same chip.

OnePlus calls it “optimization to demonstrate the capabilities of the processor.” However, testing has shown that this mechanism works only in benchmarks and not in actual use the device.

One of the main features is the dual camera. The company has borrowed this element from the iPhone 7 Plus up to the user interface. The company also supports the shooting mode with the “bokeh”effect.

But there is one feature that OnePlus 5 is not inherited from the “Apple” flagship. 2-fold optical zoom. At the request of company founder Carl Pei, the smartphone supports a 2-fold increase in “no loss” but not “optical zoom”. In fact, the optical zoom ends at around 1.6 x, and then the camera uses a proprietary SmartCapture.

During the presentation OnePlus 5, the company has placed particular emphasis on the possibilities of dual camera. And many have the impression that the device supports 2-fold optical zoom. The company did not mention that a maximum 1.6-fold optical zoom, and everything else relies on software.

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In other words, this is another point where OnePlus has behaved unfair to users.

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