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The state Duma adopted a law blocking “mirrors” pirate sites

23.06.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

Operators will be obliged to block “mirrors” pirate sites within a day after receiving a respective request from Roskomnadzor. The relevant law on Friday passed by the state Duma of the Russian Federation.

The state Duma adopted a law blocking "mirrors" pirate sites

The state Duma approved the bill on blocking “mirrors” pirate sites in the third and final reading. Voted 405 MPs — all who were present at the meeting.

The bill defines the concept of “mirror” and allows the rights holder to court to demand the blocking, not only the main offending website, but all the accompanying “mirrors”. “Mirror” invited to consider “derived” site, which has a similar name and content. In addition to the “mirrors” will include copies of the sites synchronized with the source.

In accordance with the document, to limit access to such resources will not have to go to court, and will be sufficient decision of the Ministry of communications on the recognition of a site’s copy is prohibited. Moreover, the process lock will be able to initiate as state authorities and rights holders.

The state Duma adopted a law blocking "mirrors" pirate sites

The bill also calls for closing the links to the “mirror” pirate sites within days of receipt of a respective request from Roskomnadzor.

It is expected that the bill will come into force from 1 October 2017, after it is approved by the Federation Council and get on the table to the President.

Roskomnadzor has submitted its amendments to the law “On information, information technologies and about information protection” in March 2016. Among the initiatives the Agency was asked to equate the “mirror” to the blocked sites and for the promotion of media bypass is to introduce penalties.


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