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Sailfish, Linux, and tamtam: what Russia will replace iOS, Android and Telegram

Technologically Russia is able to switch to domestic software, it remains for the political decision, said the Director of the project activities of the Institute for the development of the Internet Arseny Weltzin. According to experts, our country has created products that are able to completely replace Western counterparts.

Sailfish is iOS and Android

State Duma deputies discussed with the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov, the issues of improving the legislation in a number of areas of information policy. We are talking about the popularization of hardware and software products on the basis of Russian developments.

“We have the appropriate database specialists and software. All replacement questions FOR the state authorities to solve quickly. But we have maintained a loose policy of avoiding foreign code, there is no hard guidance. State agencies sometimes try to justify the use of foreign foods so that the Russian can not provide work. It is solved questions.

At the same time, in addition to stationary computers remains the question of the second computer — mobile phone. It is also necessary to take measures, as high-ranking officials are actively using the cell phone, including for operational approval. Mostly on the phones is not a Russian operating system, which by default transmit internal data, call history, SMS and other information on the server operating system in the country pravoobladanie”, – quotes the words of Rueconomics expert.

Possible Russian equivalent of iOS and Android Weltzin calls the mobile operating system Sailfish, which has appeared recently, but has already received all necessary safety certifications from the FSB.

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Russian TomTom for a replacement Telegram

Another important issue raised by MPs at a meeting with Bortnikov, for the establishment of a national instant messengers. The issue acquired particular relevance in connection with the possible blocking of the messenger Telegram, the audience is up to 6 million Russians.

“We certainly need information products-the leaders in the domestic and global market. There are projects in other sectors, but with messengers yet more difficult. Here it is worth considering that the ban Telegram users will choose between foreign and domestic products.

Most likely the audience of the messenger will partly go to foreign counterparts, and partly in Russian – TamTam, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. In relation to the business or government communications, here we need to continue to prepare the technological basis for the project the state of the messenger,” continues the source.

Linux will replace Windows and macOS

Part of the meeting was devoted to the existing information threats and countering hacking attacks. Discussed and recent incidents related to virus-extortionist known as WannaCry.

“First, WannaCry did not restrict the computers on Russian OS. And secondly, we have here a trump card in terms of security, because we are building a Russian operating systems based on open source Linux software. As a rule, it is much safer than foreign closed. Once in open source is an error, it immediately becomes known. The number of people working on the safety of this ecosystem, in hundreds and thousands times more. If Russian OS we had a common bole, history WannaCry would not have happened,” concluded Arseniy Weltzin.

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