KFC will open a contactless service restaurant in Moscow

KFC will open a contactless service restaurant in Moscow

KFC is preparing to launch a “restaurant of the future” in Moscow. There will be practically no people in it.

The new restaurant is located in the area of ​​Butyrskaya metro station. The launch is scheduled for June 23, when the restrictions on the work of public catering are removed.

What's new in KFC?

As I said, there will be practically no people. Instead of the usual cash desks, digital kiosks are installed, in which you can pay for the order in a contactless way.

But such kiosks are installed in many restaurants, not surprising, but the biometric system – yes, for fast-food restaurants this is something new. How it works: you have to register in the system, attach a bank card to it, and in subsequent visits to the restaurant you don’t even have to use a smartphone to pay. Also at the kiosk will be offered your favorite dishes.

You can pre-order a bucket with wings: we select a dish in the KFC application, time, pay and get a special code to pick up the order.

How is the order prepared?

Everything is contactless. Part of the kitchen is open, and you can observe the cooking process. The order is sent to a special cell where it is stored for no more than 10 minutes and opens automatically (using the face recognition system).

In the "restaurant of the future" will be available all the standard menu, with the exception of ice cream in the horn, beer and Chef Lemonade.

Together with our guests we will test the most advanced and interesting ideas and decide which of them will be implemented in other restaurants of the network, transforming it as a whole.

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In addition, our “restaurant of the future” will be a response to the challenges of a new reality, where ensuring security and reducing the number of contacts become an important factor in modern hospitality and a guarantee of business stability.

Raisa Polyakova

KFC CEO in Russia and the CIS

The restaurant, of course, provides all the sanitary and hygienic measures to ensure the safety of visitors. How do you like the idea of ​​such a restaurant? Would you like to visit and try out?

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