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The police said, how to return the parcel with stones instead of iPhone seller

Buyers of the online stores have the right to return a parcel with sand and stones instead of iPhone or fake gadget, on opening the parcel when the postman. It should be done before payment is cod. This opportunity, as practice shows, are not all Russians. This was stated by the police at a press conference dedicated to the prevention of fraud.

“There are cases when ordered on the Internet iPhone and a leather bag, people open packages but there is sand or cheap leatherette accessory instead of an expensive leather bag that was bought for 2,000 rubles. This item can not pay, opening the parcel before the postman”, — explained to journalists the chief of Department on disclosing of property crimes of UMVD of Russia.

Another way to protect themselves, according to the police, to read the reviews about a particular online store before ordering and purchase. Often the buyer is looking at the reviews only after came the goods of improper quality.

“Mail of Russia” in recent years, has repeatedly appeared in the reports of fraud with the parcels in which the recipients in the end, instead of the iPhone and iPad revealed a variety of garbage or cheap goods are an entirely different purpose.

In September 2016 23-the summer inhabitant of Birobidzhan translated over 11 000 rubles at the expense of non-existent online store, order cell phone. Likewise, did the 54-year-old resident of the capital of the Jewish Autonomous region, who bought over the Internet phone for 7500 rubles. However, instead of expensive gadgets customers came in parcels, one of which was a mug and the other faceted glass.

In August of 2016 in the capital of Bashkortostan there were several cases when inhabitants of Ufa who ordered over the Internet iPhone at an attractive price, instead, I got in a parcel of faceted glass.

Similar cases of fraud occurred in other regions of the country. In June 2016 a resident of the city of Chistopol in Tatarstan, tempted by what he saw on the Internet is about selling a smartphone similar to the iPhone 6s, just 6970 roubles, in the end received in the mail a package from pressed sawdust. Into the same trap hit last spring, a young resident of the city of Vorkuta in the Komi Republic, saw in the Internet information about the sale of Apple’s smartphone for 7000 rubles.

And in 2013, is sent from Moscow iPhone 5 “Mail of Russia” delivered to Rostov-on-don, a parcel with a pile of stones. Failing to get a response from the post of state-owned enterprises, assume that the BD of the parcel appealed to the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. In the end, “Mail of Russia” has paid compensation in the amount of 30 000 rubles.

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