Razer Raiju Mobile Gamepad Review

We already had two reviews of Razer gamepads: these are Raiju and Raiju Ultimate. Top controllers with many features, predatory, beautiful, I really liked. Well, Razer Raiju Mobile was lying and waiting in the wings when CoD: Mobile came out. An hour has struck, the game is out, but there is no controller support there […]

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Scientists have created a neural network that distinguishes between musical instruments on video

Scientists from MIT have created a neural network PixelPlayer that able to distinguish musical instruments in the video. With its help it is possible to selectively disable the tools and make them louder, according to Engadget. PixelPlayer unique in that it works directly with the three algorithms. The neural network determines which tool is depicted […]

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How to do sports in the 21st century

To play sports, not necessarily to go to the gym – enough to install a special application and not to be lazy to exercise. MacDigger editors have selected those, which will really help to get in shape. In the world where you can enjoy a meal at home, to work, not getting out of bed, […]

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Amazon is working on robots

Amazon is working on robots that will be able to move around the house. This was reported by Bloomberg.According to people familiar with the plans Amazon, the company started creating a home robot. The project received the code name Vesta after the Greek goddess of the family hearth. The development involved the Lab126 division, which […]

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Nintendo Labo — Hello childhood, we missed you

Nintendo always surprised gamers with unusual solutions and innovative approach, but Recently portable console Switch has become even more interesting. The Japanese company has announced set of Nintendo Labo, which fans of the company came to a real delight. Project Labo has introduced 2 sets of a series of “Crazy hands”, which can be a […]

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Best apps 2017 by Apple

The curators of the App Store has summed up year and has released a collection of “Best 2017”, in which he told about the most popular apps and games 2017. App of the year was the video editor Enlight Videoleap. The app was created by the developers of the popular Enlight photo editor and Facetune. […]

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Announced RC R2-D2 and BB 9E from Star Wars

The company Sphero has become famous thanks to radioupravlyaemye robot from Star Wars. It’s been two years since the release of BB-8 and showed us a new toy — R2-D2 and BB-9E. Sphero BB-9E is a clone of BB-8, but was his evil DoppelgangeR. We will see in the new movie “the Last Jedi”. On […]

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Apple announced an update to Swift Playgrounds with the support of robots, drones and musical instruments

In the application for teaching programming Swift Playgrounds on the iPad will be a new function to control robots, drones and musical instruments. The upgrade program will be available for free download next week. Swift Playgrounds suitable for all who begin to learn programming in Swift is a powerful and intuitive language from Apple, which […]