Ukrainian journalist found dead in the jungle on Koh Samui & nbsp

An investigation into the complicated case of the disappearance and death of journalist Olga Frolova is ongoing. The body of a woman after a long search was found on Koh Samui in Thailand.
The journalist was found dead by an island hotel worker; he turned to the island’s law enforcement authorities with a statement that he had found a body with signs of decomposition. As he explained, he made his way through the jungle, felt a strange smell and decided to find its source, reports Pattaya Now.

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According to the portal, the cause of Olga’s death has not yet been established or is not disclosed. The wife’s identity was confirmed by the husband of the deceased, Dmitry Frolov, who identified the body and things of the deceased wife and specified that her backpack does not contain her Apple smartphone and laptop.
Sun claims the woman had an affair with British citizen Philip Armstrong, who is 15 years older than 32-year-old Olga. The man confirms that he was with the deceased in a romantic relationship, but said that he did not know anything about the causes of her death. Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mail, on the day of the journalist’s disappearance, on May 25, Philip and Olga quarreled.
In addition, the footage from the surveillance cameras shows how, before the disappearance, Olga walked alone through the deserted countryside.
As NEWS.ru wrote earlier, the bodies of two young people were found in an apartment in the capital. According to preliminary information, an overdose of drugs was the cause of death. One of the dead did not come of age.

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