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Apple asks developers to submit apps for iOS 9, OS X, El Capitan and watchOS 2

Starting today, developers of software for the Apple platform had the opportunity to download apps for iOS 9, OS X, El Capitan and watchOS 2. This is stated in the e-newsletter Apple.

“Make sure your apps are using the full potential of the most advanced operating system in the world, which will appear in open access in the near future. Download Xcode 7 GM, GM and iOS 9 OS X El Capitan GM and watchOS 2. Use these tools when creating their apps, and then test and submit to App Store”.

On Tuesday, Apple released the GM version of iOS 9, OS X, El Capitan and watchOS 2 for software developers. In fact, these releases are the latest stage in the development of operating systems before going into production.

iOS 9 is embodied in the five test assemblies for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Among the main innovations of the Apple operating system allocates improved performance, advanced search Proactive Assistant, public transport routes in Apple Maps, the power saving mode, a new app Apple News, multiwindow mode and the function of “picture-in-picture” on the iPad.

As for the new edition of OS X, it didn’t update the appearance of the operating system and limited improvements on the level of functionality. The main changes, which Apple began the story of El Capitan, touched the control Windows (split screen), features, Spotlight search, Safari and other OS components. By optimizing the performance of the new operating system Apple has risen to 1.4 times.

Update watchOS 2 will allow developers to create software that runs directly on the Apple Watch, and use sensors smart watches and wheel Digital Crown. Currently in the App Store there is no single program that works directly on the Apple Watch. All third party software is processed on the phone and the watch are the only external control module and data display.

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As mentioned above, Apple operating systems are in the final stages of development. The release of iOS 9 and watchOS 2 will be held on September 16, OS X, El Capitan, according to preliminary data, will debut on September 30.

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