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LG will release its own device with support for the Apple platform HomeKit

Recently MacDigger wrote that a year after the announcement of the Apple platform HomeKit for her has finally unveiled the first devices. The company that made it, for many committed not familiar with.

But here’s the LG brand is definitely known to all. As reported by SlashGear, the South Korean company has officially confirmed the development of products that will work with the platform of a smart home Apple.

LG intends to create a range of lighting and special hub for new solutions. The last Scene is called Gateway. The device also supports ZigBee network. What kind of lighting will work with HomeKit, is still unknown. It is anticipated that this will be “smart” lamps, and lamps.

Platform HomeKit was announced in June last year at the Worldwide Developers conference (WWDC). This system is designed to control home electronics (home appliances, lighting and Bluetooth light bulbs, alarm systems, garage doors, etc.) with the iPhone. Apple has announced that the Protocol is compatible with the products of major manufacturers, such as Philips, Broadcom, Skybell and Kwikset, but no specific examples of applications resulted.

HomeKit turns the iPhone into a remote control for home appliances. The company did not disclose all the details of the API, but claim that HomeKit uses a common Protocol for secure communication devices with each other. In November, Apple launched a certification program hardware with support for HomeKit, produced by third party manufacturers.

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