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Sunless Sea – underground London

When “older” platforms “Junior” escapes some of the local plants, plastered with dozens and enthusiastic saliva, we always nahodimsya in delight – hurray, finally arrived from the mainland. I’d love to end this humiliating for mobile gaming tradition, but alas, will have to continue – in any case, with today’s patient. Sunless Sea is a big hit in “incentive” – arrived on iOS, and we’re all happy.

Sunless Sea – ideological sequel of the text. Fallen London, made by the same authors. In that part there was a interesting historical twists and turns: the Queen Victoria descended underground people and threatened to have lunch with a Prince albert. To avoid the sad fate, the monarch made a deal with the oppressed; the Prince, but London goes under the ground. That settled the matter – the bats dragged the British capital to a new place, and after five generations, local residents heard about the Sun only through the stories of ancestors. In Sunless Sea you are leaving London, going to swim in the neighboring archipelago – is that the provincial part of the United Underground Kingdom.

The first thing that comes to mind at the sight of the Sunless Sea – a game of FTL. Here, too, there’s a ship, he is also crisscrossing the unknown and also any voyage may be stopped for random nonsense – I looked to the wrong port, there are talking lizards had lunch with the team. Or not picked up that poor guy, and he went and had lunch with the team. Or… eat the crew can be anyone – even you, if so will the circumstances.

While Sunless Sea is different. In many ways, of course, design and study of the world as a whole. The FTL was space – a great place to play, but space is, ahem, not to offer anything new – nothing that people settled there not so long ago. Here a completely fictional world, written by people of extreme talent: why are only local texts, if read into the line Simmons or Lovecraft. And how everything is drawn, just a fairy tale. Islands are not just different, they’re like a portal to another world: 500 miles from London, for example, live aborigines, tweeting on the animal’s tongue.

Your meditation on fate, life, and mythical Sun (say, before there was such a thing in the sky – which did not come up!..) interrupted only by battles, and at this point I want to drop everything to go to howl from melancholy. Because it is boring. Stupid. Vile and disgusting. You wrapped around circles around another ship, trying to shoot him in Bochin. He does the same thing. Win the most nimble and agile – or the first one to doplyvet to the opponent. Enjoy.

And yet – if you ignore the stupid combat system and a number of unpleasant nuances, then Sunless Sea is a great game. Wonderful world, great (albeit pessimistic) history and rare random variation of gameplay, which is not annoying. All the reasons to buy on the spot, except one – for the game asking for ten dollars, and this, according to the Russian App Store, 750 rubles. Almost a thousand for cool, but not perfect indie-hit – the amount will agree, is not the most obvious. Waiting for discounts?

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