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The Apple Car will be released in 2021 and will cost $75 000 in the base

Do not expect that the Apple Car will be available means of transportation. To such conclusion experts of the analytical Agency Piper Jaffray. According to their calculations, the minimum value of the Apple electric car, based on the current market situation, will be $75 000.

Analysts expect to see Apple in car dealerships no earlier than 2021. The launch of Apple Car sales will raise the company stock price by $3, and the operating profit from production will be 20%.

According to observers, be considered as the top contenders on the market the Tesla cars, because Apple has always been a high-tech company and release something less advanced than electric means to compromise his principles.

It is known that Tesla Motors sold in 2015, more than 50 000 electric cars (the Tesla Model S cost in the U.S. is between 75 and 105 thousand dollars in cash without discounts). In this case, the margin from the car 2016 model year at a cost of $90 000 for the manufacturer amounted to only 6.3%. However, by 2019 the cost of electric cars Tesla could fall to $45 000.

Interestingly, these data look at the background of the statements of experts that the business of manufacturing of electric vehicles in principle, may not be profitable. But observers believe that the production car, although you will change the whole industry, it will become Apple’s main business. Most of the company’s revenues will continue to bring iPhone sales.

In Piper Jaffray believe that Apple branded car would be many times more popular models of the company Tesla. They found that in 2021, when the salons are assumed to enter the machine, will be able to sell around 200,000 of these cars.

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