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DisplayMate: the iPhone 7 display shows record results for color reproduction, brightness and reflections

Laboratory experts DisplayMate conducted a comprehensive test of the display of the new smartphone iPhone 7. The results of the study for clarity, were placed in the table. Specialists, since 2006 engaged in the testing and evaluation of various screens claim that the iPhone 7 has one of the best displays among mobile devices on the market.

iPhone 7 showed record results in several criteria. The display panel of the smartphone boasts the highest contrast among the IPS LCD panels, color accuracy, max brightness and lowest color distortion when changing viewing angle. In addition, “seven” is characterized by the display with the lowest coefficient of reflection in the industry.

According to DisplayMate, the iPhone 7 is 7% more efficient than iPhone 6 in terms of power consumption of a display with a wider gamut. Special timing controller, rotovirusnaya and the oxide thin film transistor provide the highest accuracy in color reproduction, and high contrast images.

Thanks to the wide color palette of cinematic standard, more saturated colors and color rendering record accuracy display iPhone 7 “visually indistinguishable from perfect,” experts said. “The screen of a new Apple smartphone is much better than any mobile display, monitor or TV you use,” – said in DisplayMate.

According to the researchers, the iPhone 7 screen brighter than any other smartphone on the market. Moreover, the display brightness level higher than the Apple itself – 705 against 625 nits. Although the smartphone does not use all the capabilities pane, if active function aftercast.

Display iPhone 7 is the record for the level of reflections, so the image on the screen can be easily seen both in artificial and in natural light.

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