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iPhone could be the cause of the crash of EgyptAir

A passenger plane crashed into the Mediterranean sea, could crash due to the ignition of the iPhone. This version is considered by French investigators trying to establish the cause of the crash of the liner.

The incident occurred on may 19 on the way to Cairo. The footage from surveillance cameras shows that the co-pilot put on the dashboard in the cockpit of the Airbus A320 your iPhone 6s, iPad mini, and four bottles of perfume that I bought before the flight at the duty free shop.

The investigators noted that the location of iPhone gadgets, as it is possible to set coincides with the place where the fire started. Therefore, they do not rule out that the battery of the iPhone or iPad could overheat and ignite.

However, investigators still are not ready to disclose its findings and the investigation continues. They also have not yet applied to Apple for advice.

France currently holds the judicial and civil investigation into the accident, which occurred last year, killing all 66 people on the night flight from Paris. Records from the black boxes of the aircraft said that during the flight in the cockpit triggered a fire alarm and smoke detectors.

“The pictures show very clearly that the Egyptian pilot of the put your phone, tablet and perfume on anti-glare screen,” writes the French newspaper Le Parisien.

“Investigators noted a disturbing parallel between the placement of these elements, which are powered by lithium batteries, and the alarm is triggered during the flight”, – noted journalists.

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While the footage from the security cameras are visible to the device on antiblikom the screen before takeoff, it is unclear whether they have stayed there for the whole flight.

The results of the investigation were disclosed after the Egyptian authorities pledged to give back the remains of 15 passengers to France next week.

On the eve of Apple said that no contact with “any authority investigating this tragic event.” A company representative added that he had not seen the report, but at the moment no evidence that the incident Swann with Apple products.

“We thoroughly test our products to ensure that it meets all international safety standards,” – said in the Apple.

The flight took off from Paris airport Charles de Gaulle late in the evening on Wednesday, may 18. Onboard the airplane there were 66 people: 56 passengers (including three infants) and 10 crew members (including three members of the security services). Among the passengers, in addition to 30 of the Egyptians, there were 26 foreigners of 15 French citizens, two Iraqi, one citizen of great Britain (and Australia), Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan and Chad.

The plane disappeared from radar when he was over the Mediterranean sea. The discovery of the crash site it took almost a month.

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