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How to transfer flash Retina Flash with iPhone 6s iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, and other unsupported model

The iPhone 6s extended functionality of the built-in camera of the smartphone. 12-megapixel sensor makes it more clear and detailed images, and allows you to shoot video in 4K resolution. The highlight of the iPhone 6s camera is a selfie-flash called Flash Retina that allows you to shoot self-portraits and vibrant color. Apple has limited this feature flagship smartphones.

The Retina display may be not only the iPhone but also flash for the front camera of the smartphone. When shooting selfie feature determines the light level, then fires the flash True Tone Flash on the display, complementing the ambient lighting. The result is a quality picture with realistic colours and natural skin tone.

A new tweak for jailbroken devices FrontFlash plays Retina Flash on all gadgets with iOS 9. The basis is a standard feature of shooting selfie, supplemented by special technology: like on iPhone 6s gadget increases the screen brightness compared to the normal state. Unfortunately, for devices than the iPhone 6s, the function of True Tone Flash is not available. However, FrontFlash provides sharper photos in low light.

Users of devices for which jailbreak is not available, will be useful free app Take Selfies FREE. During shooting on the camera it fills the screen bright white, providing optimal illumination and a better quality selfie.

FrontFlash tweak is free to download from the standard repository Cydia, the app Take Selfies FREE is available to download here.

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