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Developers access to the system by TrueDepth puts users at risk

According to Reuters, the American civil liberties Union and the Center for democracy and technology expressing concern about the security of the system TrueDepth.

System cameras TrueDepth — the result of combining multiple innovative technologies. They work together allows you to create a detailed structural map of the face to unlock the phone using Face ID, make purchases via Apple Pay and use Animoji. Also, Apple has provided full access to the camera system developers to further integrate with their applications.

Experts have expressed concern about the fact that some developers will abuse the open access to the cameras TrueDepth. It is assumed that technology can be used to collect sensitive data of users.

Apple can still change in policy for applications that use the system by TrueDepth, and to expose them to more scrutiny during moderation. It is also known that to unlock the smartphone having collected information will not work.

System cameras debuting TrueDepth with iPhone X this Friday, November 3. It is expected that the technology will receive the entire iPhone line by 2018.

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