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What to do if hangs bar Touch Bar to MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with additional display were the main Mac-novelties 2016. But the bar Touch Bar in this case is not screen and control. Like any other software it causes problems.

Offer Touch Bar capabilities are very convenient and are present in almost all native apps in macOS. With each OS update its functionality is expanding and will soon be present almost everywhere.

Depending on what task you decide on a MacBook, on the Touch Bar automatically displays certain tools. For example, adjusting brightness and volume, buttons for photo management, predictive input, window management, and others. Due to the deep integration in the OS and the specifics of Apple software developers, such a panel could provide a new format of interaction with the software in many cases.

However, any software products tend to fail – to hang and not work properly. What to do in the case of Touch Bar, know far not all owners of the new MacBook Pro. When the touchpad began to work properly, you should restart the component macOS, is responsible for its operation. There are two ways to solve the problem.

Using “system Monitoring”:

Step 1: Launch the standard utility “Monitoring of system” from the Utilities folder in the Program directory.

Step 2: Go to the CPU tab and locate the process “Touch Bar agent”.

Step 3: View how much CPU time consuming this resource. Typically in case of problems, you will see the abnormally high activity.

Step 4: Complete the process “Touch Bar agent”, which will select it in the list and click “X” on the top bar.

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Using “Command line”:

Step 1: From the Utilities folder, launch the Terminal app.

Step 2: Copy the program “pkill “Touch Bar agent”” (without the quotes).

Step 3: Execute the command.

If you have a correctly working Touch Bar itself, but “messed up” control panel (e.g. missing icons), it restart the “Touch Bar agent” is not necessary.

In this case, it is sufficient to restart the process specifically for the control panel. To do this, in Terminal run the command “killall ControlStrip” (without the quotes).

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