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iOS vs Android: 10 benefits of the Apple operating system

The question what is better: iPhone or Android smartphones, iPad and tablets from other companies, amongst many of those who are going to buy a new gadget. Users to this day argue in the debate, which of platforms – iOS or Android ahead in convenience and innovation. Until recently it seemed that to compare them is pointless. It used to be simple: if you want emasculated OS created by perfectionists – buy iPhone or iPad. If you need the freedom of choice of devices and the ability to fine-tune the system for yourself, look in the direction of Android.

However, both OSes subjectively becoming more similar to each other. Android gradually finds that iPhone and iPad users have always appreciated in iOS aesthetics, simplicity and convenience. The latter, in turn, increases functionality and customization. Today we will talk about the features of iOS that continue to distinguish it from the mobile platform Google.

Quality apps

Applications almost always look more attractive, more convenient on the iPhone and iPad. Just compare in the store, running the same applications. Comes to comic: compare the look of icons of the same application, which, seemingly, have to look the same: at Android icons will look “weird”.

Quick update

The users of iPhone and iPad do not need to wait for the manufacturers bothered to prepare an update for their devices after the release of the new version of Android. Most users still haven’t received Android 5.0, which Google announced last year. Updates for iOS are released regularly and at one point become available for all compatible devices.

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Extended support for older devices

Period of support-mobile phones Apple is 48 months. Access to the operating system iOS 8 got even users of the iPhone 4s, introduced in 2011. Of course, on the device, not all features of the OS, but users can use a number of important features of the mobile platform and run the application from the App Store, only compatible with iOS 8. The same thing happened in 2012 with the iPhone 3GS. Users had the opportunity to go to iOS 6 through 46 months after the beginning of sales of smartphone.

Best apps available first

Most developers decide to first release the app on the iPhone and iPad and only after some time to run it on Android. This is due to a well-designed development tools for iOS. For example, Instagram, one of the largest social networks in the world, more than a year was available only on the iPhone. And then launched it for Android.

The most active users on iOS, that’s why the developers of the most popular and successful apps make their product primarily for the operating system and then modify it for the platforms of competitors.

The Apple Ecosystem

Today, when choosing a smartphone or tablet are not the main various specifications like battery capacity, camera resolution, etc. They are more or less similar on all modern devices. The main thing for the user is a mobile ecosystem. And on iOS it is much more developed. In a recent promotional materials Apple unveiled its ecosystem in the form of four key products – the Apple Watch, MacBook, iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. Here you may add the Apple TV and AirPort routers.

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User-friendly interface

How many of you have seen the famous, successful people with an iPhone? And with Android? I guess the ratio will be 95% to 5% in favor of the iPhone. And it’s not because it is fashionable. On the contrary, the iPhone has become popular among successful people because it is convenient. People whose time is precious, make this choice, because the iPhone allows you to save time, get pleasure from using the device and focus on what I want to do: to communicate with the right people, writing posts, use social networks, and do it all seamlessly. Rather than fight with the interface.

And devices, and the iPhone software look great. Gadgets look appropriate in the hands of the entrepreneur, student, model from the podium and neighbor from next door.


iPhone is much more reliable because the manufacturer spent years in perfecting the nuances of the production of one model and one operating system, each upgrade which is becoming more secure, easier, more powerful, more productive. The scale of sales in hundreds of millions of devices allowed Apple to perfect the production technology and ON the details. For example, even the old iPhone will appreciate a fairly quick job and complete absence of bugs, while the Android devices after one and a half to two years of service begin to slow down, to hang.

On iPhone hardware reliability is also ahead of all manufacturers: according to research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple is almost three times more reliable than Samsung smartphones and five – Nokia. Better to buy one good device and enjoy it for years, than to keep buying new devices to replace a broken or started unbearably buggy.

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Family sharing

Family sharing is a very useful feature that allows you to save money on shopping at the online Apple services. So, combining up to six Apple IDs, users can download purchased apps, music, songs on all connected devices. Thus, people spend money on the content once and it can be used by several people with different accounts.

Great safety

Experts say that the mobile platform iOS much more secure operating system Google over most types of existing attacks. This is due largely to strict censoring App Store. Google refers to it more freely, so the majority of Android malware is directly integrated into the official app.
Analysts predict that the number of active Android malware will continue to increase at a rapid pace.


One of the useful features of iOS is the ability to combine the latest OSes for mobile devices. Users can answer incoming calls with iPhone or iPad, if both the smartphone and the tablet are connected to the same Apple ID. You can start surfing the web, typing an SMS or email on your iPad and finish on the iPhone. Another important bonus is the ability to use your iPhone as a modem, if that is close to the same iPad. You do not even need to include on your smartphone tethering.

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