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The app turns the Apple Watch retro Casio watch [video]

Are program useful, and sometimes useless. Geek Watch belongs to the second, but this did not prevent her to become a leader of online application catalog. All because it is a calculator, though, and the easiest.

GeekWatch takes on the Apple Watch interface old button watch Casio. The only thing that allows you to make the application, so it is to do simple calculations, not as old Japanese chronometers: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You ask: “so why put this useless program?”

Just because of her appearance and only if the standard calculator you used basic operations. The charm of this calculator is stylized to look like Casio appearance. Feeling great.

Since Apple does not allow you to completely change the Apple Watch face, the app does not open full screen — in the upper part of the strip remains with the current time and battery level.

All lovers of the classics must-have. The app also works on iPhone and iPad, will cost 59 rubles.

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