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iOS 9 breaks VPN connections to corporate servers

Despite the fact that the new platform iOS 9 were created taking into account various safety standards, the researchers found an important flaw. As it became known, the new operating system terminates the VPN connections to the corporate servers.

First about the problem reported by the experts of Cisco, who discovered a flaw in the beta version of iOS 9. However, neither in the final build, not in the current beta version of iOS 9.1 error and not eliminated, writes Securitylab.

According to experts from Cisco, when you enable split tunneling feature Tunnel All DNS does not work properly. For this reason, the DNS resolution will not work properly in some types of networks. Some servers will not be available to users even after a successful login. The flaw in iOS 9 does not affect the internal corporate connections to servers, only access to the VPN.

To restore the VPN connection, experts recommend to uninstall iOS 9 and return to the iOS version 8.4.1 by downloading a backup from iTunes (not iCloud). Typically, the backup iOS automatically pass the Apple approval, so files .ipsw may not be available.

Besides iOS 9 has brought new possibilities in the way of implementation of the Protocol virtual private networks (VPN). Although for most users, innovation is not particularly valuable, for the Chinese people is a true gift. Apple has done everything possible to help the residents of China to bypass the “Great Chinese firewall”. VPN providers add an additional layer of encryption to hide the traffic, but Apple has implemented a special method of its implementation called Network Extension Points.

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Innovation will help Chinese dissidents to circumvent censorship and get access to all of the information in the Network. Although Apple is likely to have made changes in the first place for its corporate clients.

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