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Apple unexpectedly closed the page to check the activation lock on iPhone and iPad

Apple unexpectedly closed the access to the page on the website, check the status of activation lock on iPhone and iPad that allows users to calculate the stolen gadgets. Now at a page opens with a 404 error.

The fact that Apple has removed from the support website, all references to the original service says that not a mistake or a temporary measure. On the page “activation Lock function of Find my iPhone link to the website disappeared on 24 January, and the page has disappeared from the Apple website in the night from Friday to Saturday.

Now the company offers no way to determine the activation lock on iPhone and iPad.

For what purpose Apple has restricted this functionality, is unknown. The ability to check activation lock IMEI allowed to determine whether purchased from the hands of the gadget is stolen. Some dishonest personality sells stolen iPhone to ad sites. A potential buyer could always ask the seller ID of your smartphone, then go to the Apple website and see whether the device is locked.

In that case, if activation lock is active, exhibited a notification. On the screen of the activation lock status of Apple recommended that to return someone else’s device to the rightful owner or to get out of your iCloud account and erase all data before selling iPhone or iPad.

Now users have no way to determine the presence of activation lock on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

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