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Russian developers have launched the app Wmestoсard to store the virtual loyalty cards

The developers of Nizhny Novgorod in the framework of import substitution promote in Russia the project Wmestocard who is able to make life easier for mobile device users. The same application serves for convenient storage and use of discount cards and discount cards. Smartphone applications for mobile platforms iOS and Android are now ready to compete with foreign counterparts, for example, the German service Place.

The essence of the application Wmestoсard is that the user can conveniently store all available discount cards directly into your mobile phone and present it at the store directly from the device screen by opening the mobile app. We must admit that it is very convenient, because without the phone, a man never comes out and all of the many family card will always be at hand.

The author and project leader Wmestoсard Sergey Smirnov sure that the domestic project better than their foreign counterparts:

“Our mobile app is useful for everyone! We are a free and useful application! Plastic cards, your smartphone can do more than just to be a toy, abdally or dialer. Hundreds of plastic cards will be stored in your smartphone and they are always on hand, at any time, anywhere, and this is only the beginning. We are Russian developers and we can compete with foreign developments, we have plenty of ideas. We are confident that our compatriots will support our project. Unity is strength and together we will break through!”

The app allows you to download to your phone all the discount cards, and the easiest way, thanks to the integrated barcode scanner and templates discount cards.

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In addition, the developers have implemented the project and the virtual card that you can get from any company instantly through the mobile app. There is no need to obtain and carry a bunch of plastic cards. It is also important that the application is able to inform users of new promotions and discounts in a particular store and all that the user configures itself. Want to receive news – take that, you don’t want –disable the alert. For this purpose, there are sections “news” and “Discount”, as well as chat where you can share your experience about sales and to discuss promotion of trade enterprises.

Comparing the application Wmestocard c Place competitor, you will notice that Russian developers are already a step ahead. Their program can not only easy to store plastic discount card, but also willing to offer more functionality: virtual maps, news, reviews, chat. The project not only replaces the imported service, but also solves the problem of storage in Russia of personal data of Russian citizens.

Download the app Wmestocard available for free from the App Store or Google Play links for your device are listed on the official website of the project.

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