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LG has registered the trademark G5 SE

Despite all the assurances of the management of LG that the company has no business competing products, in Seoul very closely follow the latest developments of the smartphone market. LG has already managed to criticize the new smartphone iPhone SE, stating that the product “uses old technology and features.” But it seems that LG was really concerned about the appearance of iPhone SE: the company took a very unexpected step and registered the trademark G5 SE.

Registration of this trade mark can speak about how the desire LG protect your brand name and reserve the name with the prefix “SE” for future products, and to develop a more compact version of the flagship smartphone LG G5, which will be called the LG G5 SE. The question is, what will be this smartphone and not whether he will get the “old technology”, as spoke about SE LG iPhone.

Anyway, such an initiative has been particularly unexpected on the background of negligence LG to 4-inch Apple smartphone, which is called the Koreans as nothing but obsolete. According to analysts, the company decided to play an increasingly recognizable name iPhone SE.

The behavior of LG in the background was neglect of iPhone SE looks very interesting. And we will be happy to look at future developments and how will react to this brand of Apple that have invested heavily in brand promotion.

Can we expect in the market LG G5 SE? It is still unknown. But, if this happens, the novelty will almost certainly be a mini-version of the flagship LG G5.

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