Apple will update iMac and Mac mini

Apple appears to be launching the new Mac mini and iMac in March. At least this was reported by a well-known insider.

The person hiding under the CoinX nickname on Twitter writes very rarely. But he writes exclusively about future Apple innovations, and all his predictions came true.

His first insider was the naming of future iPhones in September 2018:

2018 iPhone naming:

iPhone Xs
iPhone Xs Max
iPhone XR

See you next week

– CoinX (@coiiiiiiiin) September 3, 2018

After some time, he announced the release of the third-generation iPad Air and iPad mini:


Apple will release an incomprehensible iPad in 2019

Apple will update iMac and Mac mini

Ilya Kichaev

March 14, 2019

And in August last year, he hinted that the new iPhones will receive the Pro prefix:

“Pro” for iPhone? Crazy naming schemes over the past few years.

– CoinX (@coiiiiiiiin) August 10, 2019

Now he has written only three words. And they make my heart beat very hard:

iMac / Mac mini 🔜

– CoinX (@coiiiiiiiin) March 4, 2020

It looks like Apple will show the new iMac and Mac mini. Taking into account the fact that this person was always activated a few days before the presentation, the news will be shown in March.

What these devices will be is unknown. Therefore, we can’t say whether these models will be in a new design or whether Apple will simply update the hardware.

But, of course, I want a new iMac design.

The next presentation will probably take place on March 31:


Rumor: Apple's presentation will take place March 31

Apple will update iMac and Mac mini

Kostya Baranov

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February 18, 2020

But you need to understand that now the whole industry faces one big problem: coronavirus. They can all show us this. But when it comes to buyers is unknown. We hope that all this will happen as soon as possible.

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