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In the UK iPhone caught fire while charging and burned half the house [photo]

15-year-old Briton Catelyn Durand became a victim of the iPhone. The girl put the smartphone to charge at night, resulting in burned not only her new gadget, but the whole room.

The fire service in the UK published pictures with the scene. The incident occurred in North Wales. Instead put your iPhone on a hard surface, Catelyn threw the device on the bed. According to preliminary data, the smartphon e battery overheated and caused the fire. In a few minutes the fire engulfed the bed on which lay the iPhone, and began to spread around the room.

The fire service quickly arrived at the scene, but it was too late. The girl’s parents are terrified because of the fire affected the whole house: that is not destroyed, the flame was hopelessly tainted water. “Rescue did not succeed. The first floor is completely flooded, everything smelled of smoke,” he told them.

The girl’s mother, Gemma, did not specify the model name of the iPhone, only saying that the smartphone was recently purchased. And charging the gadget, according to her, was original.

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