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Users of Windows called 10 reasons why you should not switch to a Mac

In our age of rapidly developing technology and computer industry is sometimes difficult to discern for emerging new products that delight developers. A variety of proposed programs, operating systems, utilities is such that simply dazzled. However, often the user raises one main question – which operating system should you choose.

Many, who for whatever reason are not satisfied with Windows moving to macOS, the advantages which the reliable and stable operation, friendly interface no need to install anti-virus, seamless integration with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. After a survey of readers of Cnews has called as many as 10 nedoocenennyj advantages of “Windows” and the reasons why don’t have to go with PC. Among the advantages referred to a wide range of software, familiar interface, security. We offer you to familiarize with the conclusions of Windows users.

1. Windows is an open platform

The main advantage of the Windows platform is its openness. From it flow many other advantages of the platform, from it grow the roots of its success in the market. Windows provides devices and wide opportunities for interaction, and they can use system resources with minimal restrictions.

When working with the system, roughly speaking, everything is permitted that is not expressly prohibited (including, in many cases, direct hardware access) and prohibitions is not so much. This offers developers a tremendous opportunity for the use of equipment and systems, including the possibility of modification of her work for almost any task.

However, the approach of openness has its disadvantages. Well not to close the house door when you return don’t need to mess with the locks. But there is a downside: you can be short of valuable things. Exactly the same thing with operating systems in the computer: for example, if the system provides open access to all resources, it is easy to enjoy including viruses and Trojans.

2. A wide range of devices

The architecture openness and simplicity of interaction with the platform has made Windows a great choice for producers and buyers of computers and peripherals. Moreover, this ease of interaction and increased prevalence on the market of the system, and equipment under it.

The open market also meant that manufacturers of devices and peripherals did not need pre-certification devices – it was enough compliance with technical requirements. And then these devices just came out on the market, which decided their fate. Market devices and computers running Windows open to new ideas, new possibilities and combinations.

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Today, there are a huge number of different types of equipment that can work with Windows and the huge number of devices for this OS. As a result, a buyer who wants to purchase a Windows device, or expand its capabilities, there are a wide variety of different devices. And he can choose what best suits his objectives.

3. Easy to install on any device

You can install Windows on any device with a suitable architecture. Half an hour on your new computer already has a working system. A huge role is played by the fact that the vast majority of cases, the system automatically configures the hardware and comes with its own driver with basic functionality. A large number of drivers system can download from the Internet and install. There is automatic updating of drivers for the main devices by using the Windows update engine.

Now on the market there is no other system that is so fast and with such a minimal amount of problems and difficulties to install on any existing personal computer. In theory, as a competitor, you can consider Linux, but again – this is more in theory, for simplicity and trouble-free there is not always good, ie, a specialist will need. Well, in the Apple installation problems no, because there are problems of different equipment– computers-all only your. Try to install macOS on non-epplovskoy system – you will be very surprised.

4. A large number of

Windows two decades occupies a key position in the market. During this time, under the platform was a huge number for a variety of tasks. So today Windows users there is a huge choice of different software for solving almost any problem. And if to speak about the solution of domestic task, a substantial part of this free. And that is important too.

The openness of the platform, the rapid pace of development and competition is a big pluses that allow you to get cheap quality, and industry – to develop. The developers constantly invent and implement new features, modify interfaces, etc. including analyzing what is done by competitors. The entire industry is moving forward, and to work with a computer is becoming easier and easier.

5. Gaming

PC still remains one of the main platforms for the computer players. For more than ten years, we tell a beautiful tale that consoles will replace the PC with this market, something they still somehow remain a fairy tale. Why?

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The reason is the same: flexibility and openness of the platform. Thanks to this very quickly develop both hardware and software. Relatively quickly it becomes clear what solutions are successful and which are not, what areas should be developed and which should be set aside. A large market size and high competition is forcing the manufacturers to move on and grow very quickly.

PC gives players better control features, better hardware… needless to say that the vast majority of serious games produced for the Windows platform?

6. Application for work

Unlike the domestic market, other corporate values. For example, the loss for downtime may exceed the cost of the equipment, the training system is considered as a major component of costs, and the costs should include not only the cost of purchase of computer and software, but also the cost of maintenance over the life cycle.

It is foolish to deny: today, Windows has a dominant position in the corporate market. Know her users, it is needed (which is often absent under other platforms, sometimes it can work only under one version of Windows!) and equipment, well-established logistics… the position of Windows in the enterprise market today is very strong.

7. A familiar interface

Now Windows is almost everywhere, but there is a downside – almost all computer users know how to work with this operating system. This is one of those advantages, which no one notices as long as no problems arise.

Many remember how the appearance of the new interface in Windows 8 has complicated the life of users – and the users with complicated technical support professionals — Yes, everyone who maintains the computers. However, the introduction of the new interface was a forced move, so I get what happened. With Windows 10 developers mind and the new / old interface is quite convenient and organically.

8. Security

The number of security holes in Windows is seriously exaggerated (or understated “alternative systems”). Just Windows is a popular system, so it is quite natural that it attracts most of the attackers, who are constantly looking for ways to get through her defense. For example, Android is built to the same ideology of the “open platform” as soon as it became popular, so immediately became the object of attack insane amount of viruses, and the number of malicious programs for it is growing daily, though, by the way, recall that Android is the closest relative of the GNU/Linux reference security man in the street. Alas, this is the price that open platforms have to pay. Including for its popularity.

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Now the number of detectable holes in Windows security is relatively small, and the majority of them a new version of the system “inherits”. In Windows are still legacy components (often for compatibility with outdated software), written in the days when viruses were very few, and their instruments of attack were, say, at a very low level. Now these components are gradually updated to protect Windows was not the holes, but instantly eliminate all the potential problems is simply impossible.

9. System updates

We are accustomed to the Windows Update as something self-evident, whereas this is a complex mechanism by which development had to solve a lot of problems and spend a lot of efforts.

The main objectives of the three updates to close the hole in the security system, fix errors in the operating system and add new functionality, support, technology, etc. For today Windows provides the user with a high level of protection for the system with open ideology, and also has one of the best mechanisms updates to quickly respond to emerging problems and promptly correct them. That, for some reason, few people appreciate.

10. Access and synchronization

Windows was originally an operating system for personal computer, and it is largely “imprisoned” under this principle. But the times when one active user on the PC was the only computer that has already been passed, not to mention Internet access.

Modern user would like to have access to your files, first, on all your devices. Secondly, other devices (e.g., away), including through a browser. Thirdly, I would like to have all data in one place to avoid confusion. Finally, the settings with the system also it would be nice to sync to avoid confusion.

Today, Windows 10 allows to solve all these problems. When you install Windows on a new computer, simply enter your account credentials and the system will customize you appearance, will update the list of applications, etc. And the client of a Microsoft cloud service is fully integrated into the system, so that synchronization of documents and data user does not require his efforts.

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