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Novelties Redmond: control appliances with your iPhone

We have repeatedly published materials about the “smart” technology Redmond, for example, a review of kettle Redmond SkyKettle G200S with the unusual lighting and control from iPhone. Or, say, news about a series of household appliances that can manage iOS and Android devices. And now the company introduced another batch of new products for the smart home.

Just given four new devices. The first is called Redmond SkyCenter 11S. The developers prefer to call it “the center of the smart home”. Why? You have to remember, as previously organized control of intelligent household appliances Redmond – kettles, heaters, multivarka, coffee makers and so on.

Within the apartment (i.e. from a distance of 10-15 m) they can be controlled by Bluetooth. But for organizations to really remote management – from work, from metro, from a resort in another country were required to buy so-called home-mobile-gateway. In his role of a catch-all device for Android even the cheapest. Redmond appliances connected to it by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or cellular network broadcast command from the primary device, which you always, to the technique of Redmond. May work, but not very graceful.

So SkyCenter 11S Redmond aims to solve this problem and make the remote management much easier. Smartphones-gatei now not needed. Insert SkyCenter 11S in the socket that connects to a home Wi-Fi network. And then connected to the center of smart home Bluetooth all available in the apartment smart appliances. That’s all: now the food in a slow cooker can be reheated by pressing the button in the app on the screen iPhone on the way home from work. Well, or the heater from metro to include.

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The second new device is called the SkyPort RSP-121S. Insert it into the socket, connect to it appliances (regular, not smart) and now it can be controlled from your smartphone. Even Bluetooth, even on the Internet if you have a SkyCenter 11S. Well, or the mobile-gateway, although this option, as we explained above, is not the best.

The app for the SkyPort RSP-121S there are settings for three dozen types of home appliances – from TVs and fans to table lamps and heaters. You can, for example, the schedule of work to exhibit. The heater worked all day, and only when you get home. Plus SkyPort RSP-121S compatible with sensors Redmond. If you have, for example, a motion sensor, connected to SkyPort RSP-121S table lamp will light only when the room has people. Very convenient and electricity saving.

The third device – SkyPort RSP-123S – has the same features as the SkyPort RSP-121S, but is not the socket and the plug. It will have to soldered to the appliances instead of standard plugs.

Finish the story with a new product called SkyControl 21S. It is a means of turning the smartphone into a universal remote control. Izdelie interact with television, “dividuum” (someone else uses?), fans, air conditioners and other appliances via IrDA and smartphone via Bluetooth. Thanks to this novelty does not have to lie on the couch, surrounded by consoles. Suffice it to a smartphone with the mobile application.

The prices are: the first and fourth device – about 1500 rubles apiece, the second and third in 2000. What do you think, useful gadgets? Speak up in the comments.

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