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In the Network appeared the advertisement colored iPhone 6s from Apple [video]

It’s no secret that the “intermediate” version of the iPhone with the prefix “S” keep the design of the previous generation. This year the basis for the iPhone 6s, will take the smartphone iPhone 6. What if Apple is preparing a surprise in the form of radically new colors? This is evidenced by the promo video, allegedly obtained from the office Apple.

On the video titled “Advertising iPhone 6s leak out of the office Apple” shows the MacBook Pro, the screen which shows a 30-second video. In the clip you can see the new iPhone in five colors, among which there is not the usual Space Gray or gold, which are habitual users of Apple gadgets. But there is a light green, yellow, blue and white. Front panel “iPhone 6s” made in the same color as the back cover.

Users in the comments immediately exposed a “fake.” “It’s fake, because the home screen, no apps, Music, Health and Apple Watch. I think so,” says TheOfficialNorman. Agrees with him Kate Murphy: “of Course it’s fake, they even added a wrong icon Music”.

Despite the high quality of the promo, forgery yields several obvious errors. For example, on the home screen “iPhone 6s” not iOS 9. For doubt is the absence of the model with the prefix Plus. Another version can be miniaturized iPhone 6c, which is also due out this year. But why, then, said in the video about the iPhone 6s? Finally dot the “i” will be placed on September 9, when the official presentation of the new smartphones Apple.

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