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Apple Watch Sport: the mystery of the disappearing Apple logo

In the production of Apple Watch Sport used improved 7000 series aluminum. It is 60% harder and has up to a third of the density of stainless steel. In the Apple not just telling about the advantages of this material, which was confirmed by numerous crash tests. But it seems that it does not affect the durability of the paint applied to the hull of the Apple Watch.

The owner of the Apple Watch Sport under the name Eternitydia found that in the operation of portable computer with its rear side gradually disappears the Apple logo. And in some cases damage and affect the text, plotted on the perimeter of the rear panel.

The user Eternitydia told that if you contact support Apple promised him free of charge to replace the Apple Watch to the company’s experts were able to examine the problem. The technical support team was interested in how active he operated device, a climate in which device was used and whether Apple Watch Sport water. Apple representatives explained that such cases can take place only in the case of the models in dark colors. Thus, the problem related to the quality of the printing on the watch case.

As for the Apple Watch in steel casing, for inserting the text into the body of the text uses the method of engraving. And Apple Watch owners should not fear such problems.

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