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Samsung showed a teaser competitor Apple Watch smart watches Gear S2 [video]

Watch Samsung Gear with A round dial, as it turns out, will be named differently — Gear S2. At the last presentation, the Korean company showed how the device will look, which will represent the 3rd of September. Today Samsung unveiled a new teaser competitor of the Apple Watch.

Gear S2 – seventh wearable device Samsung since the launch of the first model and the first after the release of the Apple Watch in April of this year. It is evident that Samsung has paid particular attention to the design of the gadget. And it’s not a round display, and in that the device in General is not like the previous smart watch company. Case Gear S2 will be made of metal. The company also promises a rotating bezel.

The first model of the Galaxy Gear was introduced by Samsung in 2013, after which the company the following year he released five Wearables, including the Gear 2 running Tizen OS, the Gear Live Android Wear smartwatch and fitness tracker Gear Fit. In September last year, were announced smart watch Gear S, with the possibility of making calls through a cellular telephone network, and sending and receiving messages.

About a year Samsung was the announcement of a new model of “smart” hours. During this time the market has changed significantly after the release of the Apple Watch in April.

“Apple and Samsung together produce 8 out of every ten “smart” hours supplied in the world, says a senior analyst at Strategy Analytics Rajiv Nair. — However, Samsung is far behind Apple, and she needs to release several models of smart watches and apps for them, in dozens of countries to reduce global leadership Apple in the coming months.”

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Samsung did not go into details about the technical features Gear S2. Although it is possible that in anticipation of the announcement of the Network will receive the information sources about the specifications of new items.

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