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Users demanded that translate Apple Apple Music in a beta status

Since the launch of the Apple Music service almost a month has passed, however, to say that he was well-received by users, despite the free trial period. A well-known blogger Jim Dalrymple called streaming Apple “nightmare” after he lost purchased music and ran into problems when working with the service. Jeremy Horwitz from 9to5Mac wrote that the interface is very unfriendly Apple Music and Apple did nothing in order to facilitate familiarity with the musical service. In addition, during the first few weeks of work the Apple Music users have encountered numerous failures in service. Sometimes I will put it into beta status.

After meeting with Apple Music comes to mind is bad associations with the cards of the company, which in 2012 reached absolutely not ready to use. Perhaps Apple is worth calling music service in beta until, until you have fixed serious bugs?

This can have a negative effect on short-term prospects of the service. Given that Apple is not the first time allows nasty bugs in the final versions of their software, the status of the beta version of Apple’s Music can lead to many potential subscribers will not be trying the “raw” service. They will wait for stable release.

Instead, it is other users in anticipation subscribe to the much-touted service and face a multitude of flaws. The public beta version of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 show that there are always people who are ready earlier than others to experience ON the latest and share feedback about his work, helping to find and resolve errors.

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Given the huge number of negative reviews about Apple Music, Apple company really should have started with the launch of the beta streaming – this would help to maintain the trust of users. People will understand that functional, but not polished 100%.

Personally, I am faced with the complexities of family access; in addition, the annoying lack of syncing playlists between iPhone and Mac. Ultimately, we are accustomed to, even if these problems will not be fixed. I believe that this period of temporary users are not used to Apple Music, though I have to agree – this is a crude service.

Beats Music was also far from being perfect, but after upgrading to Apple Music no turning back now. The test release would allow users who do not wish to use the finished product, to postpone the transition until the release of its final version.

Held on the Spotify website, the survey showed that more than 51% of users support the translation Apple Music in a beta status. What do you think?

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