Now officially: the launch of the Apple Card will be held in August

A few days ago, sources from a reputable Bloomberg publication announced that the launch of the Apple Card is scheduled for August 2019. And they were right.

Now officially: the launch of the Apple Card will be held in August

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On the eve of a press conference on the publication of the quarterly financial report, Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) confirmed that the company plans to issue its Apple Card credit card in August. True, he did not announce a specific launch date, which means that it can take place at any time – both at the beginning and at the end of the month. In the meantime, thousands of Apple employees are testing the Apple Card.

Recall that the Apple Card, created in collaboration with Goldman Sachs, is closely integrated with Apple Pay and the Wallet application. Users will be able to issue both an electronic card and a physical titanium card. Apple Card can be used both for the usual payment of purchases, and for payment via Apple Pay. A pleasant bonus will be a cashback of 3% for purchases in the Apple Store, 2% for payments made through Apple Pay and 1% for all other purchases. Refunds are made in the Daily Cash format, that is, a fee is paid daily. Then it can be used to pay for purchases, transfer to a bank account or send to friends.

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