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In Russia went on sale restored iPhone 5s 32GB 25 990 rubles

In Russia went on sale restored iPhone 5s with 32 GB of memory for data storage. Before, customers were only available for modification with a minimal amount of available space to 16GB.

First sale “as new” iPhone 5s launched in June of this year. A month after launch, and these models were the most popular among customers in Russia. As a result Apple’s market share grew from 5% to 8%.

Restored iPhone is a smartphone that the owner returned to the store due to some malfunction or due to the intention to buy a later version of the smartphone. Apple passes a device with a defect on the Taiwan plant, where it replaced all damaged parts — such as the Home button, speaker or screen. The repaired unit re-tests the manufacturer gets a new serial number, packaging, set of documents, charger, headphones and comes in the stores specially marked refurbished. Restored iPhone warranty is one year.

The cost of such a device below the official price. For example, restored iPhone 5s 32 GB can be bought in M. Video for 25 990 rubles, in “the Messenger” is exactly the same model is estimated at 28 990 rubles. In the last for 25 990 rubles, you can buy only the version with 16 GB. Other retailers, for example, MediaMarkt and “Euroset” while only offering the 16-Gigabyte model iPhone 5s.

In “the Messenger” noted that in the near future we expect the appearance of the restored iPhone 5s with a 64-Gigabyte flash drive. They will cost 29 990 rubles for every 1000 more expensive than the version with 32 GB of memory.

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