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Tim cook explained his words about the death of personal computers

Apple CEO Tim cook announced the words that at present the need for personal computers disappeared. The comment referred to the Director-General’s statements, made last week in an interview with the Telegraph.

“I think if you look at the PC, then the question will arise: why you still need to buy it? No, really, what is he to you?” wondered cook. The CEO said that on a business trip and travelling from the technology it takes only iPad Pro and iPhone.

Cook expressed the opinion that instead of PCs and laptops come powerful tablets, such as iPad Pro. 12.9-inch tablet with keyboard and Smart Keyboard Apple stylus pen Pencil can be an ideal replacement for laptops and personal computers, he said.

“People will start to use it and realize that they no longer need to use anything else except the iPad Pro and their phones,” said Tim cook.

On Monday in an interview with the Apple CEO noted that personal computers he meant exclusively PCs that are running Windows operating system. “We do not consider Mac and PC to the same category”, said cook. The head of the Corporation believes that the MacBook and iPad prepared for a great destiny, and that sales of these devices will not decrease in the foreseeable future.

Tim cook added that Apple is not going to integrate Mac and iPad into one device. “Instead, we want to produce the best tablet in the world and the best in the Mac world, said cook. — When you try to merge these devices would have to go to various compromises, and it’s definitely not what our users want”.

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