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Huawei: the era of iPhone will end in 2020

A top Manager of Huawei company expressed the view that the industry of mobile devices subject to cycles: to replace mobile phones and smartphones will come the gadgets that will be called “superphone”. About this presentation Asia Huawei Innovation Day was declared by the President division of strategic marketing Shao Yang.

According to the head in this industry there are 12-year cycle. In 1995 Motorola introduced the multi-function mobile phone, although, perhaps, it was the first “cot” of the company, released a year later. In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone, which originally appeared in the new era. According to Yang, the cycle will be completed before 2020, when the era of superphones.

Yang said that superphone will include the latest technologies and features that can improve our lives. He also talks about the future of the Internet of things, about the integration of all devices into a single network, on the further development of cloud technologies and other things.

Huawei, long known as a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, in recent years, a rapidly strengthens its position in the smartphone segment. In its home market, in China, where, according to experts, 2015 will be shipped 425 million smartphones, the company is already ahead of Samsung.

In September of this year, the head of Huawei Consumer BG Richard Yu said that in 2016 it is expected to increase retail sales by 30% and to increase their volume to more than 20 billion US dollars. Top Manager noted that in the next 3-5 years, Huawei intends to beat Apple in terms of sales of mobile devices.

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At the end of October it became known that former Apple creative Director Abigail Brody will develop the interface design of smartphones and tablets from Huawei.

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