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Jubilee iPhone 8 will snap up immediately, despite a price tag of $1000

The prices of the main components used in smartphones, including memory chips and AMOLED displays grow in the second half of 2016. During the negative pressure on profit smartphone manufacturers experts expect that the cost of the iPhone this year will exceed $1000. Despite this, at the start of sales of the novelty will be in great demand and will be in short supply, analysts say.

This year Apple will put iPhone on the displays of the organic led. As the high price of AMOLED panels and components memory modules the manufacturer will limit the possibility of obtaining large profits, the company will be nothing left, as to put the device in the more expensive segment. At the same time, prices for new flagship iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus must remain at the same level.

It is expected that the prices of flash drives will grow by an average of 5-10% in the second quarter. Prices will continue to rise in the second half of 2017 due to irregular supply modules NAND-flash. In addition, there is a shortage in supply of AMOLED panels, which will retain high prices on the components in the second half of 2017.

The result of wishing to purchase commemorative iPhone in the fall will have to part with quite an impressive amount of over $1000. Fast Company analysts believe that if Apple will bring to life all those innovative features reported by insiders, the company will not have any problems with demand. And the deficit even will force users to wait for deliveries within 4-6 weeks.

It is expected that the new iPhone with a 5.8-inch OLED screen will be called iPhone 8, but there is an opinion that Apple could be named in honor of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone X. it is Expected that the coming novelty will be allocated a stylish and coherent design. The device will get a metal chassis and glass casing.

One of the major innovations in iPhone 8 should be a new built-in screen virtual Home button. Also mentioned about the new 3D technology perception of the world developed by Apple in conjunction with the company Lumentum and bigger battery.

It is expected that Apple will break tradition and introduce a new generation iPhone in September. It is worth considering that Apple may at any time modify the final list of characteristics and capabilities of the device, even at the production stage.

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