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Zumb brings the genre to a new level

A few days ago in the App Store appeared unusual arcade game Zumb. Despite the presence of thousands of other apps in this category, the novelty attracts attention because of its unusual genre. What is the difference?

Today in the app store you can find many different puzzles. But the vast majority of them do not give the player to feel true momentum, action and drive, therefore quickly bored. To change this sit uation are able Zumb, in which the goal is to burst bubbles. And to do it in a very unusual manner.

The game has two modes: classic and arcade. The first invites us to go through 50 challenging levels. Selecting the first level, we immediately find ourselves on the playing field.

In order to start the game, just hold your finger on the screen, thus setting the direction of flight of the ball to get them in the bubble. Over time, the levels become more difficult, and the tactics of their solutions more sophisticated.

As you progress through the game new game objects. For example, one of the most important elements of the game are reflecting wall. Moreover they are represented in several different types, each with its own characteristics. Except for the walls, you will meet face-to-face with other obstacles, among which the player can expect flying debris, harmful bubbles, and even black holes with their own gravitational field.

To overcome these interferences in the Arsenal there are four types of balls, each of which has any feature. For example, the black balls are influenced by gravity, and leaving gray, you can easily destroy some walls. Choose the right ball at any point in the game by clicking the appropriate button in the lower left corner of the screen.

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If you want to relax levels – in front of you opens its doors to the arcade mode. Here you can just scatter the balls in different directions bursting from the series of bubbles and destroying various obstacles. The more bubbles you pop the more points you earn.

As additions to the game, a system of challenges and rewards, and the ability to prove your skills by participating in several world rankings.

The app is available for download in the App Store and costs 29 rubles. In-app purchases available.

Zumb – a truly original puzzle, and dynamic time-killer in one person offering to a sea of positive emotions. The gamer is not required to spend hours thinking about every action and worry about the consequences. Upon running the ball his purpose is not so important. Anyway, the player expects unbridled joy and pleasure from the gameplay.

Download Zumb on iPhone and iPad at this link.

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