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In Moscow earned navigational stele with free Wi-Fi

In Moscow appeared the navigation stele with free Wi-Fi Internet access, transfers “Interfax” the message of the municipality.

The first samples were white light poles — installed on Myasnitskaya street. These “navigators” will provide directions to important sites of the city such as museums, galleries, theatres, shopping centres, monuments and outstanding buildings. Some of the buildings displayed in three dimensions.

In addition, on stelae marked the entrances to the subway, bike rental, routes and stop ground transport. Well as residents and visitors of the metropolis will be able to see a detailed map of the area within five minutes walk and a map of the entire city.

Until the end of 2015 it is planned to install about 30 such stelae. They will be located on Big and Small Nikitsky street, Lubyanskaya square, street Neglinnaya, as well as Large and Small Armor the streets. Next year navigation pylons will appear on all the streets that have been reconstructed and landscaped.

Developed just four types of steles with pedestrian access points: narrow, medium, wide and round. They differ in installation location with consideration of the peculiarities of the road network. For example, round objects designed for placement near the exits of the subway.

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