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What to expect from the second generation Apple Watch

Apple is preparing to introduce the second generation of smart watches Apple Watch in March 2016. The device should come almost a year after the debut of the first model.

Apple does not name the number of sold “smart” hours, so you can judge the popularity of new products can only by circumstantial evidence. Analysts say the numbers from 11 to 13 million copies sold and reported high levels of satisfaction of our clients. However, the number of Apple Watch sold is less than the number of compatible smartphones in the hands of users. Apple will offer the device in the second generation that will allow to increase sales?

The most serious dissatisfaction among users for the “brakes” of the Apple Watch. Despite the release of an operating system watchOS 2 with support for native applications, the software on Apple Watch continues to show the wheel load. And the “thinking” of not only third party but also native apps that, in theory, should work as quickly as possible. Delays occur not only when uploading data from your iPhone, but the interface.

The solution to this problem lies in the interaction between the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Watch forced continually to turn to your smartphone for new data. In Apple Watch 2 this problem should not be, according to sources. Apple will make an updated Chrono less dependent on the iPhone, which will be possible thanks to integration of a new Wi-Fi chip. In addition, Apple Watch no GPS-module, so location data is received from a smartphone. Because of this, it is necessary either to carry the iPhone, or to abandon attempts to fix the route of the run.

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Another improvement to the Apple Watch 2 will address capabilities of the device out of the box. Apple has hired many experts from the field of health, therefore, is ready to offer new ways to manage health. According to rumors, Apple is indeed working on a function for detecting irregular heart rhythm in order to notify the user of possible danger. The appearance of such options, however, questionable – in the beginning, the Office for quality control of foodstuff and medicines (FDA) has refused to register Apple Watch in the category “medical equipment”.

Apple Watch 2 will be built-in blood pressure monitor and track the quality of sleep, and in the long term sensor glucose levels. As a result, users will be able to know the level of sugar in the blood during use of the device.

How about the built-in camera? All Apple devices equipped with such technology, and therefore its appearance in the Apple Watch 2 is to be expected. A FaceTime App in the Watch will be mounted in the top of the frame of the device and will allow to make video calls.

Do not expect that the new model of “smart” hours will be able to work much longer without recharging. The battery life if improve, slightly. In Apple found that the average wearer of the Apple Watch completes your day with 30-40 % remaining charge, and the replenishment of energy reserves during the night, usually not an issue.

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