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Hackers are able to calculate the passwords of the user, tracing of the movement of the Apple Watch, when you print [video]

Smart watches are all the more common lately, can not only become indispensable, but also to issue user passwords. Motion sensors embedded in a wearable wrist gadget that allow you to track which characters on the keyboard dials its owner, scientists say.

Students IT-University in Copenhagen with the Department of electronic and computer engineering has developed an application that allows you to read type on the keyboard the text on the movement of “smart” hours. They proved that if the user types anything on the keyboard of the digital computer, the accuracy of the motion sensors built into the Apple Watch, it is enough to track these movements with the subsequent identification of characters entered.

The test application was named Smartwatch Leaks through Motion Sensors for short – MoLe. The pilot was worn on the wrist smart watch, and started typing. Analyzing the time between pressing and moving the brush in space, the program made an assumption which key has been pressed.

Although this method allows to obtain information only about the letters, typed with one hand, roughly half of the password, this in many cases is enough for hacking. Especially “smart” watches are seen in the case of using the ATMs. To count the numbers of PIN-code, having access to the gadget is not difficult.

Beltramelli noted that the application can use any wearable devices, from fitness bracelets to the Apple Watch. The main difficulty for the attacker is to gain access to information from the motion sensors of the gadget.

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