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Many Muscovites agreed to sex for a free iPhone 7

In the Network appeared a lot of ads offering free of charge to iPhone 7 with memory 32GB. Posts with such proposals was published in the social network “Vkontakte”.

According to the text of an advertisement, a user, who allegedly is in Germany and ready to bring any Muscovite free iPhone latest model 32 GB, but in exchange you need to write, “she’s ready for him to do,” and explain why she needs the gadget.

“I am now in Germany. September 16 will be purchasing the iPhone 7. Willing to give anyone from the Moscow version of the 32 GB, just write that you are ready for him to do and why you need one. Who will be interested, write in HP”, – stated in the message.

After some time under the post began to appear comments eager to become the owner of the iPhone, some of which are quite spicy deals ranging from light hints of an intimate relationship and ending a direct offer various kinds of caresses.

Judging by the number of comments “Vkontakte” users react to these ads. And although some of the girls leave the comic record, knowing about the trick, some of them quite seriously offered to “become a slave for a week”, “make nice” and “something about it in PM”.

The most popular these posts are in the entertainment pages “Vkontakte”, where most people unsubscribe to these records.

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