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How to wear the Apple Watch with a mechanical watch?

The German company Sinn has introduced a new line of straps that can be worn on one wrist stylish chronograph and high-tech “smart” watches.

Strap Dual Strap System specially devised for those who want to wear the Apple Watch, but are not ready to abandon the good old mechanical clock. Not to take a clock with both hands, the strap allows you to fasten them on one hand pretty nifty.

The product is made of genuine leather and is similar to the two cropped watch strap. Each of them has its metal buckle and mount for hours.

On the hand they are attached to each other in a traditional way, this classic mechanical watch to be at its usual place — on the outside of the wrist and the Apple Watch from the inside. According to the developers, the novelty will be useful to those who are not ready to give up my beloved timepiece.

The idea, of course, peculiar, but for those who are not easy to part with a needle for hours for the Apple Watch, one of the above mentioned models can greatly facilitate the process of transition from “analog” to “digital”.

If you buy double leather strap Dual Strap System along with a brand new Sinn for hours, it will cost $120, but if you purchase it separately, the cost of this extraordinary accessory will amount to $210.

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