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Tim cook got 58 million dollars in Apple stock

Apple CEO Tim cook received from the company shares worth more than $ 57 million that will be provided to it by the parts in the next few years. This is stated in the report Apple to the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA.

From this document it follows that the Apple CEO received 560 000 Apple stock as a bonus for “accomplishments and years of service”. With the current share price of $103, the amount of compensation cook totaled $57.5 million, the CEO did not sell securities.

High bonuses for senior management are not unusual for Apple. In August 2011, the Board of Directors of the company passed to the new Director General Tim cook 1 million shares, the market price of which at the time was $383,6 million But to dispose of them he can only in 2021.

Securities will depart in the property cook only on the condition that he spent 10 years working at Apple. This practice of the “Golden handcuffs” is used in Cupertino for a long time, and applied it even to Steve jobs. In 2003, he received 10 million shares of the company provided that will cash them no earlier than 2005.

In may, Tim cook donated to charity 50,000 shares of Apple. Considering the cost of securities of the Corporation amounted to approximately $6.5 million At the end of last year the head of the “fruit” of the Corporation made a “generous donation” in favor of the human rights organization’s Project One America, defending the interests of the members of the LGBT community in three southern U.S. States.

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In March this year, cook said he will donate all his fortune to charity. But first he will pay for the education of his 10-year-old nephew.

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