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The concept of the iPhone 8 with a frameless OLED screen, glass case and wireless charging [video]

Next month, Apple is ready to present a new generation of iPhone. And while designers only have to create concepts based on various rumors and speculation about what it will be for the camera. One of these concepts stands the glass housing and the display panel from edge to edge.” To the extent practical, the designers prefer not to.

The iPhone 8 is integrated into the screen touch the Home key, and the OLED display is completely devoid of side frames. The shell is made of durable sapphire glass. With the exception of the metal frame around the perimeter, designed to add body strength.

From a technical point of view, the authors propose to equip the iPhone 8 camera with a resolution of 4K, not protruding from the housing, stereo speakers, electronic SIM card and wireless charging.

The concept looks pretty interesting, but, of course, does not claim to authenticity. And designers from Cupertino probably has its own ideas about the design.

In any case, the presentation of the iPhone 8 is expected in September 2017.

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